Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't, don't, don't let's start, why did we ever part? Kick start my Rock n Rollin' heart

Good evening all.

Feeling pretty melancholy so i won't have a long intro this time. (Also, wow, i can't believe I spelled melancholy without using spellcheck)

Um. What's this weeks one again?

Oh yeah... the break up one... I thought I should address why Jack broke up with his as yet un-named ex girlfriend. I don't know why. I just though it would make a good subject matter.

Um... I don't think i did ANY modifications to this one. But, if you've checked the photos link on my Myspace page you'll see there's a new character model for jack coming in the next few weeks. Presumably one for andy too. So i've been working on those (and the Dec 10th one) and just doing these in between episodes using the older templates to save time.

So these are now on both my myspace as blogs and here on blogspot. The link to my myspace is here.

Also, I've been playing Gears of War 2 this week and oh em gee, it is so awesome. If you have a 360, go get it. If you don't, go get a 360 just for this game. it's worth it.

Anyway, enough stalling. New comic.

Sometimes It's Harder To Live With Having Done The Right Thing Then It Is To Live With Having Made The Mistake

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