Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Retract the footsteps that brought us to this favor, I wouldn't ask this of you

Greetings all! (and by all i mean the 3 people who actually read these)

Another Wednesday has come and gone so surely there must be a new comic to post, right?


Ok, once more i've done some more experimenting... I changed Jack's eyes ever so slightly. Hardly noticeable, but he no longer looks to be in an eternal state of shock. I think that's all the modifications for this particular episode... Oh, and i experimented with letterbox framing to give it a soliloquy feel.

So i couldn't decide which comic to actually upload today. I do the comics a few weeks in advance, and last night i finished the one due to go up in a fortnight. Having just finished it i had a chuckle and thought i should put it up instead. Much internal (and some minor external) debating was done, but in the end it was decided to do them in the originally intended order. Part of the reason is because of the slight improvements i give each new comic as i do them would maybe be too apparent if i put episode 5 up, and might detract from episode 3 when it went backwards. so, you'll just have to wait. heh heh.

Ok, so this one's based on an actual story. like... 5 people know this story, so those 5 will totally get this. The rest of you (which, according to my lovely maths skills is negative 2 people :S) will just have to laugh at the silly antics of Jack n Andy. It's pretty self explanatory.

Ummm... I think that's pretty much it for this week... if anything else comes to mind... well, i guess that will have to wait 'til next wednesday. A-hyuck!

You Can't Own A Person. Unless You're It's Mother.

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