Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Your eyes are the size of the moon, you could, 'cause you can, so you do

Word up!

First things first, gotta congratulate Barack Obama. What a champ. Hope he lasts the full term. Interesting times ahead people, interesting times ahead. And what a totally awesome speech by McCain. I mean, he lost, but he's being a total winner about it. Both were cool guys. Yeah.

Anyways, enough politics, onto more pressing issues, such as... NEW COMIC

As promised! Wednesday!!! So far i'ma doing pretty good at keeping to the schedule!!!

Ok, so this one I've gone even further with the whole new direction. New background, obviously, for those who are wondering, it's a wall in a tunnel run through a photoshop filter a few times to give it a comicky/cartoony effect. Yeah. You know it looks silly. I need to go take more photos of cool backgrounds, but i keep forgetting.

Also this one i actually drew some new figures for jack. (andy is still using the old templates, but meh, screw andy) So you can really notice it in the first one. I put way too much detail in it... but hey, maybe when i get to the point of doing a whole new set of figures i'll make them all that detailed. we'll see where this new direction takes me and find out, hey?

At the moment i'm working on one that's based on a super crazy dream i had a few nights ago, so it'll primarily be COMPLETELY new drawings. it's currently slated for a December 10th release date. But we'll see. I'm getting mixed feedback because it involved amanda, so i've based the look of the chick in it on amanda. I guess if i'm as good a drawer as people say, then it presents the problem of being TOO recognizable as amanda, and therefore possibly in poor taste or offensive. But i figured, A.) She was the one in the dream. and B.) Seeing as how Jack is based off me, his ex would therefore HAVE to be based off Amanda, right??? Anyways, Amanda, if you're reading this, can I use your likeness in the first frame of said upcoming comic??? I guess if i'm as bad a drawer as I think i am, then it doesn't really matter cos it won't look like her anyway... heh...

And wow, that is one gi-freakin-normous intro... 

So i'm gonna go ahead and shut up and just post the comic.

Pillows Have Such High Standards

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