Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have no gift to bring, pa-rum-pum-pum-pum, that's fit to give a king

If No One Remembers You, Just Write A Song About Yourself

Wow. What a week, you know?



I really am quite speechless by the past 7 days.

So I won't bother recapping I'll just talk about this week's comic.

It's bigger, for one. More detail. All new character models, for Christmas obviously. I went ahead and did shading. It turned out pretty good. 

I really have to apologise to James. The James character was supposed to be up this week... But when i realised i needed a Christmas comic... He got bumped to next week... so... SORRY JAMES!!! NEXT WEEK I PROMISE!!!

Not sure I'll do much of an epilogue next week with it being New Years Eve and all I might just put the comic up and leave it... So i wanna take this opportunity to thank all you guys who made this year worth, you know, not offing myself. Heh

Thanks Mom, Dad, Kayla, Cat, James & Sarah, Spud & Chazza, Kieran, Jess, Kathlene, Kathy & Jordan, Uncle Woody & Auntie Becky (You guys rock!), even thank you Amanda & Lisa & James & Jeanette & Steve (I miss you guys... well... most of you guys), thanks Kam & Mal & FB & Bagels. Thanks Jersey (Yetzi (Daniel)) & Wendy & (To a smaller extent) Karen, thanks Lyn & Kirsteen & Bob. And most recently, thanks Elena, you're still the coolest girl I've ever met. And anyone I've forgotten, thanks, you all made 2008 bearable.


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