Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've already given up on myself twice, third time is the charm, third time is the charm

Hey hey!

For all those who care (which is....... none of you) the ice was heaps better this week. So... you know... you win some, you lose some... whatever...

Also, Cat is right there reading this as i type it and it's really freaking me out.... I can't be funny when i'm being read as i'm typing... also, she's seeing how terrible a typist i am...

Anyways... Comic details... uh... firstly  panel three is all new drawings... um... yeah... you'll see it... For panel three I went with the old style Jack so this will officially be the last of the "New Look Jack n Andy"s, as of next week the "Generation 3 Jack n Andy"s will be debuted.

Speaking of next week, it's finally arrived! The big comic promised all those many weeks ago and complained about in just about every intro since!!! I finished it... Amanda didn't get back to me about using her likeness which tells me one of two things, 1, she doesn't read them, so therefore she wouldn't even know her likeness is on there, or 2, she's totally blanking me in which case it's going to go up anyway.

But that's next weeks.

Now onto this weeks' comic.

If You Brought Your Tie How Could You Forget Your Lip Balm?

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