Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Killing you might be the only chance I have for recovery, but I know it's so severe

Well, it's Wednesday again, just barely, so I might as well post this weeks one now.

I don't really have an intro for it. Whatever I have to say will all be said in the epilogue I'm gonna do afterwards. So read on after the comic.

When Planes Collide, They Explode


If Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, Then How Can Time Ever Heal This Wound?

Ok, so not that you've read it (if you haven't read it yet, just go read it dammit) I can go on with talking about it.

As I said a long time ago, this one is based on a dream. I really cut it down for the sake of fitting it all in, but essentially that's the basic premise. Needless to say I was pretty shaken by the whole thing. Andy's reaction is pretty much exactly what I said to myself when I woke up.

I feel I should say that I don't hate her or want her dead. Hell, I still love her and miss her more than anything. Ive never hurt this much for this long before. So please, don't go reading into it like I'm out to hurt people. I'm just not. It was just a dream.

On the more design side of the comic, you can see that aside from the initial frame, I've obscured her face in every subsequent frame. Considering the violent nature of the subsequent frames, i thought it only respectful. As for the mother, she's totally just random scribble not intended to resemble anyone. And the father... well... He's based on Noah, of HRG from Heroes. I did a whole lot of experimenting with shading for the dream sequence. Not sure if it'll carry on into the rest of the series... We'll see.

They have their new body models in the last frame. I don't really like the colouring of Andy's jumper so that'll be changed next week. Also, next week Jack gets a makeover. Totally new hair do. Slightly different facial design. It's meant to better resemble myself... It does to a certain extent... 

A few things i wanna bring up just randomly that are semi related. The titles/subtitles of each comic. As you may have gathered, the initial title, or subject is a line from a song. That line (or the song it's taken from) will always have a relevance to the comic. Sometimes the relevance is obscure, sometimes it's pretty obvious. The proper title for each comic appears just above the comic itself. This is a little one liner i come up with myself  when I'm posting it. They can be humorous, nonsensical or philosophical, but they too always have relevance to the comic.

As of this comic Jack's shirt design is gonna change with each episode. It'll be from a movie or TV show or game or book that I'm currently watching/playing/reading. If i enjoy it enough for it to make it onto his shirt, then i recommend it. I'm not going to say what it's from exactly, so you'll have to do some research I guess.

So that was long and mostly rabble. Hope you enjoyed the comic. Don't read too much into it. Enjoy it for the fact that it was all hand drawn and new goodness and ignore he actual context.

Goodnight people.

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