Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Television dreams of tomorrow, we're not the ones meant to follow

So I'm swapping the intros to epilogues as of this week. That way i can be more detailed without spoiling. 

What Do I Do With My ePenis?

Well, it's early morning Wednesday on Blogspot. MySpacers, you'll have to wait till this afternoon to get this comic, because MySpace is a bitch and won't work properly from this image file which means i need to put it on Photobucket and then html it over to MySpace which is just too hard at quarter past midnight.

So this comic was pretty close to a conversation i had with a girl at work last Thursday. I call her Canada (she was from Canada. What are the odds? She was awesome. Totally regret not getting her number. Oh well. Next time, you know?) Anyway... yeah, pretty much word for word what was said. Is geek cred possible? If so... how do we get it??

Design wise, obviously jack now has his new head design. I reckon it looks heaps better. Andy also has a slight redesign. Nothing major, just tweaked the eyes mouth and nose and highlights in his hair. They now actually look at each other (look at last weeks one. look close. they don't really look like they're even looking at each other...) which is a major plus. Also i changed the colouring on Andy. I like it much better. Next week I'm gonna go ahead and put shading in.

That's pretty much it for this week... Um... next Wednesday is Christmas eve... So I'm gonna have to come up with a Christmas themed one aren't i? maybe some new body models with Christmas cheer! Anyway, even though there's one more comic before Christmas, in case you miss it, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!

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