Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So here's your holiday, hope you enjoy it this time.

Entombment: Prologue
"I Saw Myself. For The First Time, I Really Saw Myself.
And For The First Time, I Wasn't Ashamed Of What I Saw"
Okie dokie kids. It all starts here. Kinda. This one isn't technically part of the six parter (which I've named "Entombment"... get it?) but it's the lead up to Entombment that kicks it all into action. At the moment it's still slated as a six parter, but that's currently tentatively planned, so it might go longer or shorter (i doubt shorter, but i wouldn't be surprised if it went longer).

So there were no new illustrations for this one. That's kinda the point. I like it. It's effective, it works, I'm happy.

Oh, I have a comic related rant:
So Obama appeared in a Spider-Man comic right? And everyone got all excited and bought that comic? Well just so you people know... YOU MAKE ME SICK. You're all that's wrong with the system. The very next week Obama was in Thunderbolts. No one cared. BUT EVEN WORSE: that very week that Obama was in Spidey... Batman died. No shit. Dead dead. Not "oh dear he's dead" dead, but actual Bruce Wayne is mutha-f**kin pushing up daisies dead. And all you cocks who read that stupid Obama comic were too busy following what the media told you sheep to do to realise that one of comics' oldest and most established symbols is f**king dead. You people make me sick. Anyone who bought this Spidey because you saw it in the newspaper and you think it'll be a collectors item, you're all idiots. They made more copies of that comic than there are web sites on the net. It's going to be worth f**k all. If you shredded it you could sell it to a pet shop for more than you could sell it as the comic. Batman's death, however, now THAT will be more of a collectors item, no Amazing Fantasy #15, but certainly better than that stupid Spider-Man #583. Idiots.

So yeah... There's that rant done...

Ok kids. Tune in next week as Entombment starts to kick off. Secrets will finally be revealed, all that jazz, you know.... heh...


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